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If chasing internet traffic is draining time, money, and resources from your business, you simply must watch this FREE video.  It can literally alter the course of your business life.  (I know that's a very big promise and I don't make it lightly)...

"FREE VIDEO: The One and Only Way to Acquire a Never-Ending Stream of Buying Traffic...100% Immune to Changes in Major Search Engines & Social Media Platforms!"

Dr. Livingston's sold $20,000,000+ in consulting to businesses of ALL sizes--including all those listed on this page-- via companies he's co-founded.  (One was an online agency which managed millions in ad-spend!)  His work, companies, and/or theories have been featured in all the major media on this page

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

Chasing online traffic can be a living hell.   Just ask anyone with an internet business... 

  • The "pay to play" platforms like Google and Bing are prone to changing rules without notice, wiping out entire businesses with one line of code. (Plus, rapidly escalating expenses eat away at your profits even when you DO manage to play by their rules)...  

  • SEO's no better... a page one listing gets suddenly pushed back to page three when they jumble the algorithms (leaving you with little more than a "billboard in the woods")...

  • And social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest suck up SO much time you can easily forget why you started connecting with people there in the first place!  

Yet there's ONE tested and proven way to build a PERMANENT, secure, and reliable traffic stream to flood your site with buyers for years and years to come... a technique completely impervious to the whims of the search engines, social media trends, or anything else which might happen in the evolving internet landscape...

And the best part is, it involves absolutely NO tricks, games, or attempts to undermine the system, so Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other major traffic source will have NO objection... and they couldn't ban it if they tried!

This astounding traffic technique is actually 100% in line with common sense market dynamics...yet because of an unfortunate quirk of human nature, the vast majority of marketers will never see it.  But that's great news because it leaves more traffic for us!

At the moment, I'm eager to develop a small group of marketers trained in this technique,
so I'm offering this video for free... but please get it and watch it TODAY because it's
very valuable, and I reserve the right to pull it down and charge for it at any time.


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Glenn Livingston wishes to credit Jonathan Mizel of Cyberwave Media for first introducing him to the unlimited traffic concept